The cutting sharpness of the DTC Pro is easy to set using the adjustment mechanism
A machine that’s tailor-made for you

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If you’re looking for an easy to operate trimming machine with a powerful motor, then the DTC Pro is just the device for you. Dutch Trimming Company has made every effort to perfect the power, efficiency and ease of use of this machine. With a one year warranty and super-fast delivery of spare parts, you also get great service.

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DTC Pro, the trimming machine for professional results

The DTC Pro is a professional high-speed trimming machine made of high quality materials. Dutch Trimming Company has developed this device to process large amounts of product in a fast, safe and above all, sustainable way. The key aspect that we had in mind while designing this machine is minimal loss of product.

Because unlike our competitors' products, this trimming machine is made in Europe, it has a 220-volt connection, guaranteed fast delivery and easy to organize maintenance (guaranteed service within 24 hours).

Each machine is easy to move thanks to its compact dimensions (90 x 60 x 80 cm) and its weight (70 kg). The machine is supplied with a mobile leaf extractor with a 2HP strong motor (also 220 volts), a dust bag, a waste bag and a 1 metre suction hose.

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The trimming machine drum

The drum of the DTC Pro is made from high quality stainless steel with aluminium end pieces. With a wall thickness of just 1 mm, high quality cutting is guaranteed. If desired, the drum is adjustable in height.

Easy operation of the trimming machine

The liquid-tight electro-unit controls both cutting blade and drum and includes a relay with jam proof system, for optimum protection of the motors and the smooth running of the cutting process.

You can always adjust the cutting sharpness by means of the adjustment mechanism on both sides of the counter blade. The mechanism is factory set so that the cylinder knife is self sharpening and only requires adjustment after about 50 cutting operations.

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The well-conceived technology of the trimming machine

The specially developed 11-fold cylinder knife is ball-bearing mounted on both sides of the machine and balanced for vibration-free operation. Underneath is a stainless steel receptacle with extraction connection and easy to dismantle lid. The stainless steel drum uses an industrial brush for self-cleaning. The brush is likewise ball-bearing mounted and rotates continuously.

Both AEG electric motors are high quality and are controlled by a unit. This assembly is located in a high gloss coated tubular frame.

High-speed trimming machine drive

The throughput speed of the product may be regulated using adjustable feet on the feed side of the machine. The throughput speed can be checked using a dual spirit level on the upper side of the amply sized feed tray.

For safety, the high speed drive is located behind a pane of safety glass. The drive is provided by a V-belt.

The stainless steel drum runs freely in 8 ball-bearing rollers, which can be easily removed without tools for cleaning. The drum is likewise driven by means of a slip-resistant V-belt.